Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Tutorial Tuesday - Glitter Pumpkins

I haven't actually done this, but I had a genius idea for a super awesome Thanksgiving centerpiece.

You know those little gourds and pumpkins? The little tiny adorable ones?

Ok get a bunch of those.

And get a thingy of Mod Podge, and a bunch of bronze, orange, yellow, gold, red, fall colors, etc. glitter. And maybe some pretty ribbon. Oh, and gather some pretty fallen leaves from your yard. You should probably get a paint brush or sponge brush (for the Mod Podge), and some newspaper or something to collect the glitter you are going to spill everywhere. And a cool basket to put all your glitterized* pumpkins in.

After spreading out your newspaper, coat those little cute pumpkins with Mod Podge, and while it's still wet, cover them with glitter! Let 'em dry, and maybe give them another coat for good measure. And when you're done, give them a third coating of Mod Podge to hold that glitter in place (so it's not falling off everywhere). And then you could tie the stems with some ribbon, and toss everything in a basket with some pretty leaves and ooooh it would just be the cutest, sparkliest* centerpiece ever and all your guests will be totally awestruck. :)

*Yes, I am prone to inventing words.

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