Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Wedding Bands!

Devon and I went to look at wedding bands at Roger's Jewelers last night, and we ended up buying them (oops) which is kind of funny, because we haven't even set a date for the wedding. We're kind of doing things backwards. But now I have this gorgeous, amazing, sparkly ring and I want to wear it. So I think we're going to have to jump start the wedding planning! Ha.

Ok here's the one we picked out. The middle ring is my engagement ring, and the one on the bottom (with five diamonds, ooh, ahh) is the wedding band we chose for me.

We weren't technically supposed to take a photo, but the sales lady kinda looked the other way for us, cause I really wanted a picture to show my mom. :)

(That picture cracks me up, because the display rings are TINY, and my fingers are NOT tiny. In fact, my engagement ring is a size 10.25! So I could only get the stupid display rings like halfway down my chubby fingers, hehe!)

This is the ring Devon chose:

It's the carbon fiber tire-tread lookin' one on top. Can you tell he's a car guy? It's actually a really cool ring. ...I kind of wanted one for myself!

So we can go pick up our rings in 10 days after they resize mine and special order Devon's. And then all we have to do is get hitched and then we can wear them! Yay!

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