Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Stuff I Made That I'm Keeping For Myself!

I made some awesome stuff recently. Some of the stuff I listed in my Etsy shop. Some of it I specifically made for myself or it just turned out too freaking awesome to share with the world so I'm keeping it!

These are those items that I am NOT sharing. Mine, mine, mine! :)

My Little Pony pendant! This is my favorite pony. She has rainbow hair. I wish I had rainbow hair. I have other My Little Pony pendants in my shop. You can check them out here. You just can't have this one.

I'm obsessed with mushrooms. I made this thingy out of resin and stickers and glitter to hang from the rear view mirror of my PT Cruiser / Xtine Mobile.

More mushrooms! I am so sad that Michaels isn't selling this scrapbooking stuff anymore. It was the "friendly forest" theme or something. I lurrrrved it. I've seen other people make stuff with it on Etsy, and it's so cute. But this mushroom pendant won't be on Etsy. Because it's mine!

I would also like to share some stuff that I am currently working on that I may end up keeping for myself as well. But maybe if you're lucky, they'll make it to my shop.

I mean, if we're all crafting stuff we love, what's the point if we can't keep some of it once in a while? ;)


  1. It's all too cute! I'd keep it too if i made it. hehe.....

    And i loved the forest friends stuff at Michael's too.

  2. LOOOVEEE that my little pony pendant! I had so many of those little horses as a kid


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