Thursday, August 20, 2009

New glasses!

They finally came! They finally came!

I ordered new glasses on freaking August 2, and they finally came! (Only 18 days later!) Finally!

Ordered from Zenni Optical for less than $20 INCLUDING SHIPPING.

They are just plain black, square, plastic frames. They cost $8 and I got the $4 anti-glare coating on 'em.
I needed them for reading/computer/close work (such as crafting) because, as you will already know if you follow me on Twitter, I get terrible headaches every single day, most likely due to eye strain. And since I have a different prescription in each eye, I couldn't just hop over to Walmart to get a pair of $2 reading glasses, but I wasn't thrilled at the idea of spending $200+ on a pair of prescription glasses either. So when a friend of mine on Twitter suggested Zenni Optical, I figured it wouldn't hurt to spend $20 and see if reading glasses actually help my headaches or not before I invest a big chunk of money on a "nice" pair.

So, I think they look really cute, but I'm not used to them yet (since it's only been like, an hour), and so far they are giving me a headache, which is the exact opposite of what I want them to do, but Devon says that's normal and I just have to get used to them and then it'll be ok.

So I'll let you know how the headache thing goes. :)

Also check out the ADORABLE glasses case I had my favorite seamstress Madame Cupcake make for me! She makes the cutest damn pouchies so of COURSE I thought of her for a glasses case. And it's all reinforced with felt and padding, so as long as I'm careful, they probably won't get crushed in my purse, hehe. Thanks Lisa!! :)

Ok, off to test these babies on a book! Ta-ta!


  1. ohhh they are SO cute!! love them. and what an amazing price. i hope you can get used to them. everytime i put on my glasses after not wearing them for months, it gives me a weird ache-y feeling too, so i think it's just something you have to get used to. let us know how they work out after a while! maybe i'll have to invest in some too!
    thanks for the plug :) you know i love making you funky things! i love your style!

  2. if anyone is getting a headache from wearing glasses it means they are not the right ones. if the prescription is right you should not be getting any headache or eye strain from them at all. it really isn't normal to get a headache from wearing glasses. if you eyes do get use to them, it can mean that your eyes have gotten worse actually :/

  3. Love your new glasses! I love the photo up there too ^^^ in the left hand side of your blog... you look like a lot of fun!!


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