Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Interesting Fact - Zoning out is good for productivity!

According to an article in the most recent issue of Mental Floss magazine, zoning out at work can be good for your productivity!

I was so pleased by this little article that I ripped it out and scanned it into my computer so I could immortalize it on my blog and prove to everyone that a little goofing off never hurt anyone. :)

Check it out (you may need to click the photo to open it in another window so you can actually read it):

So next time your boss yells at you to stop fooling around, you can now, with confidence, tell her that a little brain vacation is improving your productivity! Hurrah!

I highly recommend checking out also. It's one of my favorite websites, and I literally quote it on a daily basis. There's so much fun and quirky facts to be found!

Devon and I get Mental Floss magazine at home too, which is awesome, because there's even more knowledge goodies stuffed in each issue that can't be found on the website. It's kind of expensive (around $24 for 6 issues [one year]) but it's totally worth it. It makes for excellent bathroom reading, and you'll learn lots of crap you can impress your friends with at parties. :)

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