Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Cute Poo - A PhotoShop Adventure

So, I've been playing with fonts lately... I wanted a cute little graphic that said something like, "Crafty Bitch" or "I'd rather be crafting" or something of that sort for my blog.

Here's what I came up with:Believe it or not, the little octopus is a font! (No, I did not draw him. But I wish I did.)

Check out for TONS of awesome free fonts. (Best font website ever, seriously.)

So then, I was tweeting about my little creation and trying to get ideas for more cute graphics I could make, and @rachyrach1 suggested I make my Twitter avatar (which is a picture of a plastic hunching dog toy) with the caption "i don't give a poop" ...So that's what I did.

(I know this is all very fascinating. "Let's get to the poo!" you say? Ok, ok, I'm getting there.)

Anyway, I needed a little picture of poo to go under the dogs butt, and I wasn't about to just steal someone elses image... so I made my own!

I drew a happy little kawaii poo (inspired by the little poops that seem to be all over Japanese stuff... stickers, fabric, stationary, you get the idea) and then I photoshopped the little bugger until he looked freaking awesome!

Check out his journey:

  1. Drawn by hand with pencil and outlined in black marker. Scanned into my computer.
  2. Erased all the pencil marks/smudges in PhotoShop.
  3. Made the eyes perfect circles. Used contrast tool to make the black lines crisp and uniform.
  4. Colored him brown = finished poo!

It's pretty simple, but I'm rather proud of it. It took me like 2 freaking hours, for Pete's sake.

Then I stuck the little poo in the dog photo and here is the finished product!

No idea what I'm going to do with it. Maybe print it out in high resolution and put it on a pendant! HA!

(Suggestions welcome.)

I hope you enjoyed my little poopy journey. :)

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