Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Migraines and CT Scan (Part Deux)

The results are in!

My CT scan was normal.

Which means my brain is normal! Hurrah! No bleeding aneurysm or tumors! Woo!

But I do have a chronic sinus infection (suck), but they are calling some antibiotics into my pharmacy for me so I can pick 'em up after work. I have to take them for 3 weeks and then I should be good as new!

Thanks to everybody who has been so supportive of this stupid, scary ordeal. I really appreciate your warm, loving vibes! :)


  1. Thats awesome news ( well not the sinus inf. yuck) but i 'm glad to hear everything came out normal !

  2. OMG, it just hit me before I saw your result. SINUS. I get that too, just short of infections though. I get swelling and irritation. Glad you're OK.


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