Friday, May 15, 2009

Pendant Ideas?

I am currently suffering from crafters block!

I have about 800 billion ideas for new crafts to try floating through my head, but I'm stuck with no ideas for the stuff I already make, in particular, resin pendants.

I looooove making resin pendants. So far, they are the most time consuming craft that I do, just because the liquid resin takes so long to cure, and you have to do multiple layers.

(If you're interested in learning how to make resin jewelry, check out this video on HOW TO - Make Resin Jewelry)

My favorite things to embed in the resin layers are stickers! I used to have a sweet sticker collection when I was in elementary school, and I guess the obsession followed me into adult hood because you should seriously see my current sticker collection. It's crazy.

I recently spent about $80 on stickers from Japan from From Japan With Love (check her shop out, she has awesome/adorable supplies!) and I regularly (read: weekly) go to Michaels and blow my money on stickers and scrap book paper.

Anyway, since I love making these pendants and I'm looking for new ideas, I thought I'd see what YOU GUYS would like me to make.

I'm looking for maybe new color combinations I could try, or new materials to embed in the resin (must be tiny!), or maybe just new sticker themes to use (I've done animals, stars, skulls, cupcakes...)

Do you have any cool suggestions for new themes?
I need some inspiration. Leave a comment! Just make sure your ideas are fun, funky, and colorful!

If you leave a comment and I end up making your idea, I'll give you 50% off on that item, just in case you want to buy it.


  1. I LOVE the seahorse! Probably bc I love the about a red crab?

  2. that seahorse is awesome!! i like nautical themed things too, so i would suggest an octopus! octopus-themed things are SO the rage right now. as are owls, deer, mushrooms and trees. good luck!


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