Friday, April 3, 2009

New rat cage

Listen to how stupid I am.

Yesterday, I had to leave work early because I was super sick. Well, I actually felt fine except that I kept needing to run to the bathroom every 2 minutes. I don't know if it was something I ate or if I got a little bug or something but let me tell you, it was not fun. I spent the better part of the afternoon on the toilet.

Between bouts of ...illness..., I did the following activities (this is why I'm stupid):
  • Made healthy guacamole from a Weight Watchers recipe, which turned out delicious (I ate the whole batch) but probably didn't help my stomach problems very much.
  • Cried a little. My tummy hurt. :(
  • Went to talk to a leasing agent at my apartment complex re: upgrading to a two bedroom apartment in May. Apparently, it's going to cost us $300 to break my current lease. This is NOT COOL (also known as BULLSHIT). At this point I was not only sick to my stomach, but also very pissed off.
  • Went to my parents house to pick up a package (new rat cage) and a folding table (hurrah surface area!).
  • Set up the new table and covered it with a pretty tie dyed tapestry that I got in California. Makes a much cooler table cloth than a table cloth. Haha
  • Put together Daisy and Petey-Pie's new rat cage.
It's amazing I didn't die and/or poop my pants while I was out and about doing all these things while I should have been resting on the couch like a good girl.


The new cage is literally twice as big as their old one. It's huge. Have a look:

It's a very cool cage. It's 8 square feet of space inside! It has four levels - ground level, and then three plastic shelves with ramps. I also added a little wooden shelf as well. They have a pink plastic castle, hammock, coffee can hide-out, fuzzy pink "cuddle cup" (bed), and some PVC pipe to play in. There's also some hanging wooden bird toys and a recycled paper thingy from a printer cartridge for them to chew on. I use recycled paper bedding, and purple happened to be on sale the other week when I needed some, so they have purple bedding in their cage which makes me = happy.

And here is a picture of my little fuzzy squishies enjoying their new cage / vying for my attention:

HAHAHA they are so cute.

And another:



  1. that's a nice cage! lucky rats.

  2. Oh how fun! I used to have a ferret and would have loved to have such a fantabulous cage for her! She lived in a cage made from a commercial bakery rack that my dad welded together. It worked, but it wasn't so elegant :)


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