Friday, March 13, 2009

Why I hate bad smells...!

If you asked me to list my top three least favorite things in the whole world, bad smells would be on the top of the list, followed by spiders and mean people.

I don't know what I'm going to do when I get pregnant and my sense of smell becomes intensified, because I am non-pregnant and I seriously cannot stand bad smells. Or even good smells that are really strong. I will probably end up vomiting continuously and need to keep a bucket next to my desk at work so I don't have to keep running to the bathroom. (Lovely visual, eh?)

I shall now list for you some really bad smells that I seem to be encountering on a regular basis lately:

Funky fridge smell - The worst is when we get deli sandwiches for lunch at work, and the leftovers sit in the fridge all weekend and then you open the door Monday morning to put your lunch in there and this horrible mushy pickle/rotten mayo/oniony smell crashes into your face. Ugh. And then it hangs around in the air for like 10 minutes, tormenting you.

Dirty kitty litter dust - Kitty smells are not that great to begin with, but then add in the dust from scooping little clumps and it gets stuck in your throat and lungs and burns your eyes... Lucky for me, I never have to scoop because I have an amazing fiance who does it for me. :)

Old onion in the garbage - If my eyes didn't water when I was cutting them, they're watering now!

Public bathroom stench - Even if no one has recently used the bathroom, all those cleaning supplies makes me feel like I'm being poisoned. I HATE the bathroom in my office building. Bleh.

If you too despise bad smells, check out this genius item:

[[ Click photo to view item listing! ]]

Visit DippyLuLu's Etsy shop for more hilarious items that smell pretty instead of gross. I am seriously considering buying the Stinky Sampler. She also sells some hysterical greeting cards, cute hand mirrors, little clippies with snarky comments on them, and other fun stuff. So if you have a sense of humor, I suggest visiting her shop. Make sure you read the item descriptions too. I giggled quite a few times.


  1. Ugghhh, I couldn't agree with you more! I despise all of those smells. I think all places of employment should require the janitor service to clean out the fridge at leat once a week. I used to be a security guard and we had a small fridge in the shack that was the size of a bedroom. It stunk SO bad, and I would always end up having to clean it because I was the only girl :(

  2. I'm with you. I'm like a pregnant lady all of the time, my sense of smell is SUPER intense. In college, in a 400+ person lecture, if someone even opened a candy bar I could smell it and it drove me nuts. It's why I can't live in a city. I'm constantly assaulted by the "mystery smell of misery". Eew.


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