Thursday, March 26, 2009

Mushroom tattoos

I have decided that it's time to get another tattoo.

Currently, this is the only tattoo I have on my body, on my right foot:

The stars are in the pattern of the constellation Gemini (they are accurate!), and they are different shades of pink and white. Sometimes, since I am forgetful, I will look down at my foot and be like, "OMG what's on my foot?! Something is touching me!" and then I remember that I actually put the tattoo there on purpose.

I have this awesome purse (made for me by Madame Cupcake) that is made from these crazy fabrics by Jay McCarroll.

I am obsessed with this purse, and I'm currently obsessed with mushrooms as well, so my genius plan is to get a mushroom tattoo to commemorate this time of my life.

These are the three mushrooms that I like best from the fabrics:

I would probably get the tattoo inked in pinks, purples, and that crazy blue/turquoise color from the fabric. The only problem is that I can't figure out where to put it on my body.

It needs to be in a place that I can conceal if necessary, since I am (unfortunately) a grown-up with a job (even though my dream is to be a stay-at-home mama, but you need kids for that).

Some of the locations I came up with are:
  • Hip (Ooo, sexy)
  • Left ankle/foot (Devon thinks this would look stupid since it wouldn't be symmetrical but I don't think I care)
  • Inside wrist (This would hurt really REALLY bad and also be hard to conceal)

I don't really like any other parts of my body, so I don't know what to do! I'm having a hard time deciding. My immediate instinct is to just say "F*ck it!" and show up at the tattoo parlor with no plan in mind and just let the cards fall where they may. But it's so permanent...

If anybody has any interesting tattoos (or tattoo locations), I'd love to hear about them! Please leave a comment!


  1. I like your stars tattoo! Very pretty!

    I just want to remind you not to put it anywhere that'll be very... stretched during a pregnancy since you want to have kids :)

  2. the mushroom on the right looks a bit phallic to me, but if that's what you're going for then that's the winner! the one you have on your foot is super hot. i can't help but want to get my next one on my inner wrist too.

  3. My coworker Janine said that mushroom looked like a penis too!

    I'm leaning more towards the short, stubby one on the far left. :)

  4. well I think your current one is very nice as far as designs and ideas go im drawing a blank sorry :(

  5. cool tat! I have ivy on my left ankle. I feet are great for tattoos you can't show them or not, lol!

  6. I have 3. One on the outside of my left ankle - right on the bones! I have one on my upper right thigh - its kinda big. And one on the back of my left shoulder that I have to think hard to remember. And actually thats probably my favorite place. :)

  7. I've been considering getting my daughter's initials, but not sure.

    Got the silver chain - many thanks for sending!!

  8. I like the mushroom on the far left the best. I have a butterfly tattoo on my right shoulder blade. But of your suggestions I like it on the ankle the best :)

  9. I don't even know how I got here, but I saw that photo and clicked on it so here's my comment straight off: I love girls with tattoos, and I've a bit of a foot fetish too. I gotta tell you that your feet are so cute that you shouldn't have chosen such a big piece IMHO. So I'd really spare the other foot. I love lower back pieces for girls, neck pieces, I saw a gorgeous girl with a dragon inked over half her back once. But your feet... I'm in love with them!


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