Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Virtual Villagers

If you have a couple of days to kill, this game should probably take care of your problem.


It's an adventure/strategy game where you have a bunch of little people stranded on a tropical island and you must teach them how to hunt and fish and garden and build little huts so they have shelter, and when they're old enough, you must make them mate! And then they will make more little villagers, and there are secrets of the island that you must learn, and fun little items to collect for points, and codes to unravel and all kinds of stuff. And if you forget to check on your villagers for like 3 days, they'll probably all be dead by the time you come back, you neglectful jerk, so you need to make sure you are keeping tabs on your little guys at all times.

My little brother turned me onto this game a while ago. He doesn't play it online anymore, now he just plays it on his iPod Touch, the brat. I got really sucked into this game at one point... I think it was the second version. After I beat the game, I had to quit playing, because it was seriously consuming my life, haha. Those little villagers were like my little tiny virtual family!

So I highly recommend this game. Just make sure that if you plan on being away from your villagers for an extended period of time, you either pause the game or set it to super slow mode so you don't kill them!

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