Tuesday, February 10, 2009


OMG American Idol is on tonight!

I think my favorite (recent) pastime is chillaxing on the couch, making Scrabble tile pendants or decoupaging, and watching Idol with my fiance. (Thank god auditions are over. Three weeks is too many weeks of auditions.) I am SO GLAD that skank "Bikini Girl" is gone. Devon and I decided that she only wanted her 15 minutes of fame (she wasn't that great of a singer) but I don't think she really succeeded, because no one will ever remember her name. She might get lucky and be remembered as "Bikini Girl" but that's pretty trashy and nothing to be proud of.

Eeeeeeeeew I was just trying to find a picture of her to post, but I found this instead: Playboy Knocking on Bikini Girl's Door (courtesy of FOXNews.com...HAHAHA their logo thingy said "fair and balanced." That's funny.) Anyway, NOT surprising.

Why did I post this? Oh yeah, I was thinking soothing thoughts about crafting + American Idol = awesome.

Also awesome = leaving work 15 minutes early, although it's for a therapy session so I'll probably cry, boo. But that's ok, that's what therapy is for! Feel your feelings!!! Hey you know who should probably get some therapy? Bikini Girl. Ugh.

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